Stompology: All Solo Jazz Weekend in Rochester

stompologyWow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Between loosing my brother, working a full-time job, and remounting Gimme One Riddim, this year has been a roller coaster to say the least. But things have to started to become manageable again, even allowing me to get some dancing in!

Last year I found out about a solo jazz workshop in Rochester that happens once a year. I put it in my calendar, and happy that I stuck to my plan to attend. Stompology is a weekend workshop dedicated to solo jazz dancing. Groove Juice Swing is the organization that puts this on every year, and it attracts people from all of the world. I was able to learn from the people that follow online (Juan, Mike Faltesek, Evita) and met some new and very inspiring instructors: Andrew Nemr, Laura Glaess, and Ramona Staffeld. They know their stuff, inside out. Most off all, they are patient, and kind and you can truly see the passion they have for jazz just by their enthusiasm while they teach.

I haven’t danced in a while, especially jazz so it was great to get out of Toronto, and do just that! Revisit all the vocabulary that I knew and find new and exciting ways to play with it, dance the Tranky Doo, the Shim Sham, meet new people that have the same passion for jazz. I can say that I left Rochester feeling inspired and ready to share jazz with Toronto!

Thank you Groove Juice for a great weekend, and hopefully I’ll see you for Stompo10!